Lunge Lessons

16 03 2011

I went to the yard last night and got another lunge lesson on Yates… I felt like I needed it to be honest. I haven’t had one in a couple of weeks. Did a few exercises which REALLY help me so I thought I would share with you guys. These can benefit any kind of rider. I’m personally working on developing my seat and legs so I can be clearly with those aids for the older and young horses.

The first one involves keeping the horse at a walk on the lunge. Firstly take your feet out of the stirrups, let them hang down. With one leg move your heel up towards the saddle until your thigh is 180 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees with your lower leg. Then keeping these angles move your knee as far away from the saddle without moving the other leg and not removing the heel from the horses side. Then stretch your leg down and around the horse. Repeat with the other leg. When you get better at it you can do both legs at the same time. This exercise will open up your pelvis creating a deeper seat helping you give clearer aid and not throwing the horse off balance. It will also help improve your leg position and keeping those lovely striaght lines between heel, hip shoulder and knee and toe. Always nice 😉

Another exercise we did was walk, trot and canter in jumping position. This will help stop any movement in your leg so you can give clearer leg aids, help you keep your heels down and improve your jumping position!

Wow all this? Whats the catch? My god you will feel wretch and sore the next day but it is so so worth it!


The hectic life I do live….

15 03 2011

Hey guys!

I am very sorry about the sudden disappearance! Work has taken over my life! But the nights are brighter now and I can ride in the evenings which makes life so much the better! Bit of news for you guys… I am getting a horsey! And a free one at that. Before you ask he is not a young one but hes a total sweetie so I could really say no. His only fault is that he box walks. I will do a proper introduction in two weeks when I get him for a week just so I dont get my hopes up! I had planned for a 2 year old not a 13 year old…  But its going to be fun jumping straight into competition after I get him fit! Soooo EXCITED!

Any advice on what I should look for when buying an older horse? I have no idea on this concept.. Time to research!!! 😀

Lots of love as always,