The hectic life I do live….

15 03 2011

Hey guys!

I am very sorry about the sudden disappearance! Work has taken over my life! But the nights are brighter now and I can ride in the evenings which makes life so much the better! Bit of news for you guys… I am getting a horsey! And a free one at that. Before you ask he is not a young one but hes a total sweetie so I could really say no. His only fault is that he box walks. I will do a proper introduction in two weeks when I get him for a week just so I dont get my hopes up! I had planned for a 2 year old not a 13 year old…  But its going to be fun jumping straight into competition after I get him fit! Soooo EXCITED!

Any advice on what I should look for when buying an older horse? I have no idea on this concept.. Time to research!!! 😀

Lots of love as always,





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