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Hi I’m a 20 year old Irish horsey girl (hence the blog name eh?) who goes by Lady Muck (LM for you lazy people out there :P). I’ve decided I’m going to keep nearly everything else about myself private because I get shy about my writing skills and I can speak freely. I study Business in college with a specialisation of the Equine Industry which is quite tough believe you and mean. At the moment I work nearly 7 days a week at a stud farm and a riding school at weekends teaching lessons.

So here’s my story so far:

The first time I sat on a horse I was at my friend’s house (now an international eventer I might add) and I rode her pony. I didn’t want to stop all I wanted to do was keep going back to see him. I couldn’t remember his name but all I know is that little pony got me hooked. I begged and begged to start lessons but to no avail. My mum would not give in. At 12, I had begged daily for a year when she agreed that I could start lessons if I paid for them myself. So that’s how I started. I was a riding school kid, the kind the industry love coming. At every birthday presents was invested in lessons and nicest gear we could afford. I started to long for my lesson every week, think daily about what the instructor had said to me and how I was going to improve in the next lesson. Mum taught the novelty would wear off but it didn’t.

At 15 I was helping out at the local riding stables, non-officially (Mum refused to let her daughter subject to what she called “Child Labour”). I was arriving hours before my lesson to try and tack up my horse to watch the other lessons if they were a lower level trying to pick up on anything that would make me better. One night, dad arrived home drunk and declared to the family he was buying me and my little sister a pony. His mistake! I nagged for yet another year until I got a 3 year old Connemara just broken just gelded pony on trial. I had never picked up a horses back foot (too scared in case of getting kicked like mum lectured) let alone trained a young horse. So I was catch between a rock and a hard place. Eventually tears flowing I toke the mature decision to bring him back, but 2 months later I found Vic.

Vic was a 5 year pure Connemara champion. He was cheeky as hell but incredibly sweet and caring. He knew he could take mess with me and he did but never put me in harm’s way. To pay his way he did lessons for a while. One of the sweetest moments included when a little boy slipped off the side of him. He stopped trotting off, looked back and trotted back to the little boy and waited by his side until he got back up. I loved him so much. In one year I had went from a nervous wreck jumping max 80 cm to jumping Open Cross Country in competition (1.10-1.15m). Proudest moment with Vic was when we jumped 1.35m I shut my eyes 4 strides out and held on tight and he cleared it by a mile. It sounds like I’m being dramatic and boasting but I was one lucky girl and I knew it.

3 years later I sold Vic. It was the saddest moment but we were holding each other back. I was too tall to be riding a 15hh horse, he had sweet itch and I wanted to compete… he didn’t, still to this day petrified of travelling. Even the “magical” dually halter didn’t help (sense sarcasm much?). I was and still am in a Business Degree with a specialisation of the Horse Industry and it was time to get serious, I wanted to work in the horsey world and nothing was going to stop me.

After 3 weeks of crying every night (and sometimes still) it all went downhill, a proper realisation of the horses and the horse industry hit. I brought an Irish bred mare that was lovely looking but in a terrible way when I got her but we didn’t connect very well so I sold her on.  I had taken an extra year of college to do horse full time and became an international groom and riding school instructor. It was tough… too tough I began smoking and not eating due to lack of time. I obviously got sick soon after and had a proper taste of how hard the Equine Industry is.

Then I got out of working with horses, worked a 9-5 job getting not great pay but brilliant experience. I rode mostly stallions and young horses mostly at weekends. Now I’m back riding everyday during the week at the stud farm riding a good few horses during the day, lunging, leading mares to stallions and handling youngsters. Its all very exciting…. 😛 At weekends I teach lessons all day. I love it the kids are great and the horses are quiet as lambs so I love how you never get bored.

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Lots of Love,


3 responses

9 02 2011

What a blessed start to horses…great experiences!!
You keep saving and learning…it WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU!!

10 02 2011

Thanks Katyk. Hopefully I won’t be waiting too long but I want to absolutely certain I am capable of affording and training to the level that I want before I tie myself into anything! No point rushing into something that may be a mistake!

10 02 2011


Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m looking forward to reading more posts in your young horse series. You are right not to rush into buying another horse, you will know when you have found that ‘special’ one. 🙂

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