The magic leadrope!

10 02 2011

In the last post I asked you guys what your favourite piece of tack was. The one thing you guys couldn’t live without and I decided to tell you guys about mine!

This is not my invention first and foremost but its very simple to make. The kind of tool you get shown and you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” I was first  introduced to the magic leadrope by an 70 years old man who has been training and backing young horses since he was 12. It has honestly been a  pleasure watching him work with them. He still hunts to this day putting the fear of god into his sons and daughters. His methods are traditional however everything is soft and timing is what his methods are based on.

This man introduced me to this tool to and explained how it is safer, quicker and cheaper than “those useless nylon headcollars”.

To make this leadropes all you need is:

A clip (similar to one you would find on a leadrope)

A nylon rope a little bit longer than 12 foot (3.6 metres)

Ok firstly slip knot the clip onto one end of the rope and on the other knot a loop while still maintaining 12 foot. The reason we use 12 foot is that can double up as a lunge line as well as a head collar and lead rope if it is 12 foot.

But hey how the h*ll do you use it?! Its still just a bit of rope with a clip! Yes guys I went all out on this one!…. I made pictures!!! 😀

Firstly put the rope over the horses neck

At the non looped side of the rope make a curve and slot it the loop.
Slip this curve over the horse nose and tighten slightly until it looks like the above. I promise it is so so easy!

To undo pull down noseband part of  the rope off the nose and pull slightly and it will all undo in two seconds and your horse will be free!!

The magic leadrope  gives you more  flexibility when dealing with young horses. If something happens while leading a horse you have the extra length of the rope to get yourself out of the way while still holding the horse. You may be reading this and thinking my horse is impossible to catch and there you can leave this on in the field, this isn’t for me. A nylon head collar can become more of a danger than a convience. If a horse gets caught or fall off in a field they can do serious damage to your pretty pony. If you catch a horse with a head collar on it the field then you can catch a horse with no head collar and just this rope. It is unbelievable quick and there is no mess or fuss like a tangled headcollar and leadrope clumped together. Don’t take my word for give it a go and tell me how you get  on and your thoughts on whether I have converted you or not!

Ta Ta for now,